Good in Every Grain

The Roots of Our Province #Canada150

"Today, 28,000 families farm barley, corn, oats, soybeans, and wheat across Ontario thanks to those who planted our first seeds 150 years ago.

Generations later, these family legacies are thriving as grains are farmed sustainably to keep our farmlands healthy and productive for another 150 years!

As we celebrate the 150th anniversary of Canada’s Confederation, let’s also celebrate our Ontario farming heritage and the families who have worked this land for generations."

Whether in our food, fuel, or furniture, every grain brings a natural and sustainable solution to our everyday lives. From the farmers in the fields to the wholesome food on tables across Ontario... there's Good in Every Grain.



Click on a map marker below to learn about one of #yourfarmers in Ontario.


Crispin Colvin, 52 weeks of #YOURFARMERS

June 20, 2017


In 1971, Crispin’s parents purchased 100 acres near Thorndale, ON. Before then, no one in his family had ever farmed.

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Anita Burnett, 52 weeks of #YOURFARMERS

June 13, 2017


"I think as a farmer, you have to get pretty independent, you have to be able to get done what needs to be done."

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Wheat dreams: Gluten-free diets don't help non-celiacs, study finds

Tuesday, May 09, 2017

From CTV News

"Saying goodbye to rye, wheat, and barley is big business. Gluten-free products line the aisles of most grocery stores, and specialty bakeries are increasingly catering to the grain-restricted diets of a growing number health conscious Canadians."

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