Free Resource Kit for Grade 3 Teachers

What's growing ON?

February 9, 2017: We are now out of stock for the 2016-2017 school year. We have sent out 10,000 kits to schools across the province! For future availability, contact

The What's Growing ON resource kit includes all of the materials necessary to complete lessons and activities designed to help Ontario school children and their families understand the role grains play in the lives of Ontarians.

This resource kit is designed for Grade 3 students. The free package includes a teacher's resource kit and parent guides including at-home activities, along with enough planting cups, soil wafers, and seeds for your whole class.

How's it Growing Grade 3?
Welcome new soybean and wheat farmers!

High School Growing Pains:
Growing Pains and the associated videos are designed to help students understand some of the production practices that farmers use to grow grain in Ontario and to think critically about any topic.

Qu'est-ce qu'ON cultive?

Les Producteurs de grains de l'Ontario vous remercient de votre participaion au projet éducatif en classe Qu'est-ce qu'ON cultive?

Ce projet vise à aider les enfants d'âge scolaire de l'Ontario à comprendre le rôle que jouent les grains dans la vie des Ontariennes et des Ontariens. Il est complémentaire au programme de 3e année et comporte des activités pédagogiques mixtes touchant les sciences et la technologie, les études socials, la langue et les mathématiques. Qu'est-ce qu'ON cultive?

Free Resource Kit for Grades 6-8 Teachers

Growing for the future

Teacher's guide


Growing for the future is a resource developed to meet the Ontario Science and Technology curriculum for grades 6 through 8, with cross curricular ties to Language.

Each of the six activities will encourage students to think critically about topics such as sustainability, Genetically Modified Organisms, and biodiversity. Students will explore information from a variety of sources and apply their knowledge through hands-on activities and engaging projects.

These resources are available for free download in a .pdf format here.

Have you used the Growing for the Future resources for your class? Use a lesson from this resource and submit your feedback by June 30, 2017 for a chance to win a $100 gift card from Agscape: Complete the survey.

Fair & Event Offerings

Good in Every Grain has trailers, table top displays, and educational materials available for fairs and events of all sizes. For details, visit Grain Farmers of Ontario's website.