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Maggie McDonnell, 52 weeks of #YOURFARMERS

July 18, 2017


"I'm proud to be part of the next generation of our farm, and to be teaching the public why they shouldn't fear the food that farmers grow."

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Gus Toerney, 52 weeks of #YOURFARMERS

July 11, 2017


"Farming is a way of life, and we enjoy the challenge of combining modern technologies with the old tried and true methods to create a balance that is both efficient and sustainable."

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#YOURFARMERS 2016: Meet Anita, Matt, and Briane

Before we started the #yourfarmers project in 2017, we spent a bit of time getting to know Anita Burnett, Matt Hollinger, and Briane Thompson on their farms.

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Anita Burnett

Matt Hollinger

Briane Thompson